Austin Sexual Assault of a Child Attorneys

Texas law takes sex offenses very seriously, especially when the alleged offense involves a child as a victim. The law allows for harsh penalties for convictions of child sexual assault, including prison time and registration as a sex offender, possibly for life. If you have been accused of sexually assaulting a child, it is critical to seek the defense help you need immediately. At Granger and Mueller PC, we believe that every defendant deserves a well-crafted defense, so please contact our office to learn how an Austin sexual assault defense lawyer can help.

Charges of Sexual Assault of a Child in Texas

The law in Texas defines sexual assault of a child as sexual activity with an individual younger than age 17. Consent is not at issue in this type of case, as children are not considered to be capable of legally consenting to such sexual activity. This charge can apply to many different types of sexual conduct and can be issued if the prosecutor alleges you intentionally or knowingly did one or more of the following:

In addition, there are a variety of charges that can be issued under the category of “child sexual assault.” These include:

Each of these has additional or different elements that the prosecutor must prove t obtain a conviction.

The Defense You Need

Sexual assault of a child is a second-degree felony offense in Texas, and a conviction can mean two to 20 years in state prison, as well as fines up to $10,000. Convicted offenders also have to register as sex offenders with the state for the rest of their lives. The penalties can become harsher with additional aggravating circumstances.

Because the stakes are so high, you need defense representation that will not judge you for your charges, but will instead get to work ensuring you receive the best possible defense against your charges in your situation.

Seek Help from Child Sexual Assault Attorneys in Travis County

Our experienced criminal defense team is ready to investigate the circumstances surrounding your allegations and build the strongest defense possible against your charges. We work to have charges dismissed for our clients, obtain favorable plea agreements should they plead guilty, or represent their rights if they choose to fight their charges at trial.

Contact Granger and Mueller, PC today for a free case evaluation. Our Austin child sexual assault lawyers will review the facts, answer your questions, and get to work seeking justice immediately in your case.