Austin TX Tax Fraud Lawyer

Tax fraud charges are a serious matter, so you need an experienced Travis County criminal defense attorney to help defend you.

There are some circumstances in which avoiding taxes is perfectly legal, like when you contribute to your IRA and the principal as well as any gains in the investment are not taxed until you withdraw the funds. When you are charged with tax evasion, however, it is for a more serious criminal offense.

Tax evasion is when a taxpayer tries to avoid paying income tax through illegal methods, like not reporting income. It can range from a small business that fails to report a couple days of sales to multi-million-dollar companies who move assets offshore. Tax evasion also involves individuals who try to hide assets or use illegal ways to avoid paying their own taxes.

Even a simple mistake on your tax return can result in IRS scrutiny. If you are under investigation, or you have been charged with Texas tax evasion, you need a Travis County tax fraud lawyer on your side. You need aggressive, efficient, and effective legal representation to ensure your rights are protected.

Types of Tax Charges

There are a number of different tax-related crimes. Some of these can involve income tax fraud, tax evasion, or sales tax fraud when talking about a business. Under the federal code, there are a number of tax offenses. Some of these include:

● Fraudulent returns, statements, or other documents (Title 26 USC §7207)

● Fraud or false statements (Title 26 USC §7206 (1)

● Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud the United States (Title USC §371)

● Attempt to evade or defeat taxes (Title 26 USC §7201)

● Willful failure to file tax returns, pay tax, or supply information (Title 26 USC §7203)

● Willful failure to collect or pay over tax (Title 26 USC §7202)

● Fraudulent withholding exemption certificate or failure to supply information (Title 26 USC §7205(a)

In addition, there may be other crimes that trigger an IRS criminal investigation and/or IRS seizure of assets. Some of these can include:

● Embezzlement

● Drug trafficking

● Money laundering

● Ponzi schemes

● Bribery

● Fraud

Potential Penalties for Tax Evasion in Texas

Tax evasion is classified as a felony under federal criminal law, which means the penalties can be high. A federal conviction can result in up to five years in prison and a hefty fine of $250,000. If a business is convicted of federal tax evasion, the fine rises to $500,000.

The circumstances of the case will dictate what the penalties are. In some cases, there may be community service, restitution, or probation ordered. The court may require you to pay for prosecution costs, as well.

If you are a professional, like an accountant, or you have another professional license, you could end up losing your license. If you hoped to one day be an attorney or an accountant, or another position that requires a professional license, you may be denied for a specific amount of time, or even forever.

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