Defense Against Theft Charges

Theft and fraud-related crimes are particularly threatening to a defendant's permanent criminal record because they are considered crimes of moral turpitude, which are viewed extremely negatively by employers, licensing boards, and government agencies performing background checks. At Granger and Mueller PC, we help our clients mitigate the impact of these theft charges and minimize the damage to their personal lives in the event of a theft conviction. Clients have sought our help for a wide array of theft charges, including:

If you have already been convicted for a prior theft offense, subsequent charges are even more daunting, requiring experienced representation to help you avoid enhanced penalties for repeat theft offenders.

Theft Defense

Sometimes, theft is publicly perceived as a minor offense, often associated only with petty theft and shoplifting. Yet even a theft of as little as $50 is considered a Class B misdemeanor under the Texas Penal Code. More serious thefts are classified as felonies, which carry significant jail time. Since theft is often committed by repeat offenders, the penalties can be especially severe for a second or third conviction.

A conviction for felony theft of over $1,500 may result in state jail incarceration, not county jail. The fines are similarly more serious as well. At Granger and Mueller PC, we understand the severity of these theft charges and know the importance of thorough investigation and zealous representation throughout every phase of your theft trial, including sentencing. As experienced criminal defense advocates, we can work with the state and the judge to secure a reduced penalty in the event theft conviction is unavoidable. We represent clients accused of a wide variety of theft-related crimes, including:

The potential consequences of a theft conviction on your personal and professional life can be especially damaging, since theft is considered a crime of moral turpitude. The public perception of your moral character could be permanently tainted, as potential employers, professional licensing boards, and government agencies will consider your conviction when reaching their decision. Only experienced legal representation can help mitigate the impact of the charges against you. In many situations, we have helped clients obtain alternative sentencing, and even nondisclosure agreements upon successful completion of probation.