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More and more prosecutors in the State of Texas are criminally charging and prosecuting individuals who are accused of committing hate crimes. Given the significant media attention that these types of cases receive, it is extremely difficult for someone who has been charged with a hate crime to receive a fair jury trial.

Therefore, if you or someone you love has been charged with committing a hate crime, it is important that you speak with an Austin hate crimes lawyer at Granger and Mueller PC as soon as possible. Our legal team is committed to making sure that all of your legal options are explored, allowing us to pursue the best possible result on your behalf.

What is an Austin Hate Crime?

A hate crime in the State of Texas is usually a violent crime that victimizes another individual on the basis of his or her religion, social status, ethnicity, race, disability, sexual orientation, or gender. It is against the law to victimize an individual because of his or her membership in a protected class, such as the ones listed above. Committing a hate crime may also include any of the following:

What are the Potential Penalties for Committing a Hate Crime?

If you are ultimately convicted of a hate crime, it can have a significant impact on your personal life, your career, and your family. The circumstances surrounding your case – including whether or not you have prior violent crime convictions on your record – will likely have an impact on the penalty you ultimately receive. As a result of a hate crime conviction, you may be sentenced to a period of jail time. In addition, a judge may require you to undergo a period of rehabilitation or counseling for your behavior. You may also have the option of probation or parole that you will need to complete successfully.

In addition to these potential legal consequences associated with a hate crime conviction, you may also suffer various personal consequences. A hate crime conviction will be a black mark on your permanent record that can make it difficult for you to find employment. If you are currently working, your employment may be terminated. In addition, your personal rights are affected in terms of who you are able to contact. Finally, it can be difficult for you to get the education you want due to your criminal record.

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Fortunately, there are several legal defenses that you may be able to assert in response to a hate crime charge. For example, after your lawyer speaks with witnesses and others, you may be able to assert that the prosecution failed to meet its legal burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt and that, therefore, you should be convicted for the underlying offense.

At Granger and Mueller PC, our legal team will explore all of your options with you and help you select the option that has the best chance of success in your case. For a free legal consultation and case evaluation with an Austin hate crimes attorney, please contact us online today.