Can You Get Your License Back?

You Can Challenge A Lost License

In Travis County, there are many ways you can lose your license: automatic license revocation is just one of them. If you get pulled over by the police on suspicion of drunk driving, there are two scenarios in which that officer can suspend your license:

If you've lost your license for one of the above reasons, you may feel like you have no options, but you do. You have the right to challenge your license suspension in an administrative hearing with no prosecutor. These are known as automatic license revocation (ALR) hearings. At Granger and Mueller PC, our lawyers in Austin, Texas, can represent you in such hearings in an attempt to restore your freedom, clearing your name at an early stage in the DWI process.

At your ALR hearing, we meet with the officer who pulled you over and ask questions about your arrest to get a clearer picture of the validity (or lack thereof) of your arrest.

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Losing your license can cause a ripple effect of negative consequences through your life. You may be able to restore your license through an ALR hearing, but you need an attorney present who understands the process and can ask the right questions. To discuss whether an APR might help in your situation, call our Travis County criminal defense law firm at 512-474-9999 to schedule a free initial consultation. You can also write to us using our online email form.