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Methamphetamine, or "meth," is a serious and highly addictive drug that carries with it severe legal consequences for possession, manufacturing or operating a meth lab. Methamphetamine has become such a popular drug in recent years that federal law now restricts the sale of cold medicine and other precursor chemicals involved in the meth-making process. It is also against the law to possess the paraphernalia associated with manufacturing meth. If you are charged with a meth-related crime, you need immediate representation from a lawyer with the experience and knowledge to build a strong defense against the consequences you could face.

Possession of even small amounts of meth can result in a yearslong prison sentence. Making or selling meth carries even greater penalties. Being charged with operating a meth lab or possessing/manufacturing an amount of the drug that suggests you had intended to distribute it means you need a lawyer immediately to start building your defense.

Meth By Another Name

Meth usually exists in a powdered form, but can also exist in a smokeable form called 'glass' or 'ice'. Meth also goes by other street names, including:

Regardless of the name or form or meth involved in a drug charge, the penalties remain the same.

Is There A Defense?

While being charged with a meth-related drug offense in Texas is a serious situation, there are some defenses that may help to mitigate the consequences of the charges you face. For example, some could claim that the drug in their possession was a prescription, and not recreational. Similarly, a person could try to argue that any meth found in their possession was for personal use and not for distribution. At your free initial consultation in our Austin office, we can discuss your situation and determine how we may best be able to help you.

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