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Handling Bail Issues for Criminal Defendants in the Austin Area

It can be frightening to wait for an uncertain outcome to a criminal court case. Fear causes some defendants to act rashly and try to flee the jurisdiction. This can have many unfortunate consequences. Your bail will likely be revoked, you will not be offered a favorable plea deal, and evidence of your flight can be used against you at trial. All of this makes it almost certain that your criminal case will be resolved less favorably if you jump bail.

How Do I Make Bail?

At your early court appearances, the court will address many different pretrial matters. One of the most important is your pretrial release conditions. In many cases, the prosecutor will request that you deposit a bond with the court to secure your appearance at future court dates. The court might order this bond to be paid in cash. In this case, you cannot use real estate as collateral, nor can you engage a bail bondsman to secure your appearance. Your only option for staying out of jail before trial is to deposit the full amount of the bond with the court.

In many cases, however, the bond does not have to be paid in cash. This means that you can secure the bond with collateral, such as a lien on your house. You can also engage a bail bondsman. After putting down a portion of the bond as a deposit, the bondsman will guarantee your appearance to the court.

What If My Bail is Set Too High?

Few defendants are able to pay a bond in cash. Even the deposit for a bondman can be too expensive for most defendants. It is important to understand that you do have the right to challenge the amount of your bail. An experienced defense attorney will know what arguments are persuasive to a court considering a bond reduction. But you should not feel stuck with a high bond simply because the prosecutor has asked the court for an unreasonably large amount.

What Happens if I Skip Out on Bail?

If you have paid a bail bondsman, he or she will attempt to find you and return you to the court. Bondsmen have insurance companies and obtain their own bonds that secure your appearance when you enter into a contract. If the bondsman is unable to return you to the jurisdiction, his insurer or bond issuer pays the remaining balance on the bond. This usually results in a financial cost to the bondsman. Thus, a bail bondsman has a financial incentive to keep you in the jurisdiction and return you to court if you leave. If you have deposited a cash bond with the court, you will forfeit the bond by skipping out on bail. You can also forfeit any real estate or other collateral that was deposited with the court to secure your appearance.

In addition to the financial consequences, you will face criminal consequences for skipping out on bail. In some cases, you can be charged with additional crimes. If you are not, you will still have to face the original charges, and neither the prosecutor nor the judge will show leniency after you have skipped bail. You will usually face a less favorable plea deal and a harsher sentence.

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