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Our Travis County criminal defense attorney provides the trusted legal representation you need to protect you when facing homicide charges in Texas.

In Texas, homicide is one of the most serious criminal charges, with the potential for a life sentence or even the death penalty upon conviction. When charged with these crimes, you need a dedicated, experienced Travis County homicide attorney on your side. At Granger and Mueller PC, our team has been defending clients in our area for more than 25 years. Our knowledge of the law, our legal expertise, and our skill in protecting clients can help you avoid a criminal conviction and the severe penalties you could face.

Criminal Homicide Charges and Penalties in Texas

Under Section 19.01 of the Texas Penal Code , homicide is defined as causing the death of another person either intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly, or as the result of criminally negligent behavior. With the potential for severe penalties upon conviction on these charges, your freedom and your future is on the line.

At a time like this, it is vital to have an experienced Travis County homicide defense attorney working on your behalf. At Granger and Mueller PC , we provide the aggressive legal representation clients need when facing the following four types of homicide charges in Texas:

Criminally negligent homicide: Negligence involves acting in a manner that puts others at risk, or failing to take actions that could have prevented accidents or injuries. When this results in the death of another, you could face criminally negligent homicide charges, which is a felony crime that carries up to a two-year state jail term.

Manslaughter: This type of homicide involves careless and reckless actions which cause the death of another person. It is classified as a felony in the second degree, which carries penalties of up to 20 years in prison.

Murder: This involves intentionally and knowingly causing the death of another person, committing acts that are clearly dangerous to human life, or committing another felony that is clearly dangerous and result in another’s death. As a first degree felony, penalties for murder include up to a life time prison sentence.

Capital Murder: The most serious type of homicide offense, capital murder applies in certain limited situations. This includes when the death involves a peace officer or fire official, a child under the age of 10, multiple murders, murder for hire, and murder that is committed during the course of a kidnapping, burglary, sexual assault, arson, or other violent offense. If you are convicted of capital murder in Texas, you could be facing either a life time prison sentence or the death penalty.

When facing these charges in the Travis County Criminal Court , you need to get an experienced criminal defense attorney to begin working immediately on your case.

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