Arrest & Booking in Travis County TX

Documentation At The Station

Officers can arrest someone if the person commits a crime in the presence of the officer or that person has a warrant for their arrest. An officer can obtain a warrant by swearing under oath that they have probably cause a crime was committed and asking a magistrate to sign and authorize a warrant to be issued.

Once an officer arrests you in Travis County, you will be brought to the Travis County Central booking center at 10th and Nueces. This is where all people arrested in Travis County are brought for booking and processing. Booking occurs just beyond the large green doors located on 10th Street. This is a weigh station where the officer tells the sheriff who is being arrested and what holds (reasons for detention) are being placed on the accused. The Travis County Sheriff takes over at that point and begins removing whatever belongings remain on your person. These belongings, including any cash or credit cards, may be picked up by a third party at the bonding desk on the first floor of the Blackwell Thurman Criminal Justice Complex. You will be booked into the jail, have their fingerprints taken and they will also take their booking photo. Try your best to make this photo shoot go well. This booking photo will become a public record and some websites make an effort to post and publish all booking photos. At the central booking facility, you will have a chance to make a few free phone calls before being placed in a cell. Please call at 512-474-9999 so we can begin the process to get you released. If the jail will allow you to do so, jot down any important phone numbers from your cell phone as you will not have access to it after this point.