Problems With Plastic

Like any financial crime, an accusation of credit card or debit card abuse brings with it potentially harsh consequences, as the charge is classified as a felony. That means that a conviction could mean significant fines and prison time. Penalties increase if the target of the alleged crime was an elderly person. If you've been charged with credit card or debit card abuse, you need an experienced lawyer immediately who can quickly evaluate your situation and get to work building your defense.

A Spectrum Of Possible Offenses And Defenses

Credit/debit card abuse isn't a one-size-fits-all offense, but takes many forms. Abuse could involve the theft and unauthorized of someone's credit or debit card. But it could also take other forms, including knowingly using a card that has expired or been revoked or creating and using a fictitious card. Depending on your circumstances and charges, there are a number of possible defenses for credit card abuse, including error, coercion or lack of intent to defraud. Our Austin, Texas attorneys can evaluate the situation you're facing and provide knowledgeable perspective about what approach might work best for you.

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If you've been charged with a financial crime like credit card or debit card abuse, any delay in seeking an attorney simply provides the prosecution that much more time to build their case against you. Protect yourself immediately by scheduling your free initial consultation with one of our Travis County criminal defense attorneys. Call 512-474-9999 or email us to get started.