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If facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon, you need our Austin criminal defense lawyers fighting on your side.

Weapons offenses are a serious criminal matter and require a strong legal defense. Particularly when it involves damages to others or even the threat of injuries, you could be facing harsh penalties, including a potentially lengthy jail sentence. At Granger and Mueller PC, we provide the aggressive representation you need in these situations. As Travis County criminal defense lawyers with more than 25 years of experience serving clients in Austin and the surrounding areas, we act as a strong legal ally on your side, making sure your rights and freedoms are protected.

Defending You Against Assault Charges in Texas

Under Section 22.01 of the Texas Penal Code , assault is defined as intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causing harm to another, or threatening to cause bodily injury against the person or his or her spouse. While generally charged as a misdemeanor offense, it becomes a far more serious matter if a weapon is involved.

Having any type of deadly weapon in your possession, even if it was not directly used in the crime, could result in aggravated assault charges. A deadly weapon may be considered as any type of object capable of inflicting potentially life threatening injuries and includes:

● Guns and pistols;

● Knives;

● Clubs, boards, or metal pipes;

● Explosives;

● Brass knuckles;

● Nunchucks and other street fighting tools.

At Granger and Mueller PC, our Austin assault lawyers provide you with a strong legal defense against these types of charges, to help avoid the potentially severe penalties you could be facing.

Protecting Your Rights in Aggravated Assault Cases

Aggravated assault cases typically involve strong emotions, particularly if the alleged victim suffered serious injuries. The prosecuting attorney will be facing immense pressure to obtain a conviction, which is why you need our Austin criminal defense lawyers on your side.

Assault with a deadly weapon can leave you facing heavy fines, payment of restitution to victims, and a potentially lengthy prison sentence. The Texas Bar Association advises that in these types of cases, judges are not inclined to show leniency. With other types of crimes, a conviction may involve probation only, a suspended sentence, or early release. However, when any type of potentially deadly weapon is involved, the law requires you to serve a greater portion of your sentence, without eligibility for parole or early release due to good behavior.

To prevent a conviction and the severe penalties involved, you need our Travis County assault lawyers working hard on your behalf. Possible defenses we may be able to raise in your case include:

● Procedural errors surrounding your arrest or arraignment;

● Lack of evidence against you;

● Mistaken identity;

● Self-defense or defense of property.

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