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Strong Defense for Substance Charges

Granger and Mueller PC has extensive trial experience representing clients accused of drug crimes. Drug crimes almost always require the prosecution to have detailed and complete evidence against you. We are adept at finding evidentiary gaps or other weaknesses in the prosecution's drug crimes case, helping you defeat the drug charges against you when the state lacks proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Our attorneys regularly handle drug charges on behalf of clients in Travis County, Texas. Drug crimes are serious offenses, and can carry severe penalties, such as imprisonment, probation, and fines, as well as additional consequences.

Common Drug Offenses

We handle a wide variety of drug offense cases, from simple possession charges to drug trafficking. Our attorneys have years of expertise with all types of drug charges, including:

The Texas Controlled Substances Act strictly regulates criminal offenses related to narcotics and other controlled substances prohibited by state law. For some substances, even simple possession may result in significant jail time. Costly fines, as well as mandatory treatment programs and probation, are common sentences for any drug conviction. You need an experienced Drug Charges Defense attorney to fully investigate the drug charges against you and determine the most viable course of legal action to defend you. Even if you have been convicted, an experienced criminal defense attorney can be invaluable during the sentencing phase of your criminal trial, potentially minimizing the impact on your personal and professional life.

Despite the harsh penalties for drug offenses, an experienced criminal attorney can assist a defendant in obtaining alternative sentencing under Texas's Drug Court Programs. In some cases, a sentence can be reduced to probation and, upon successful completion of the program; the defendant may be entitled to nondisclosure of his or her sentence or deferred adjudication, similar to the effect of a dismissal.

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