What Comes Next After An Arrest In Austin And Travis County - Bonds

Once we are hired to have you released from jail, one of our associates will visit you at the jail and fill out various bonds with you. These bond forms are your ticket to freedom. Once we have your information and signatures on the forms we will approach a judge to obtain the necessary approval to be released. There are three types of bonds you can be released on:

Cash Bond: This type of bond means that you or a family member posts the full bond amount in cash. Once your case is completed you will need to obtain a court order to have the funds returned to you or the person who posted the bond.

Surety Bond: This is the type of bond that bail bondsman use. This type of bond is a promise by you and the bondsman to pay the full bond amount to the County if you fail to appear. To be released, you pay a bondsman a non refundable fee for them to post your bond. Once the case is over, you do not receive a refund for fees paid to a bondman. And if you fail to appear, a bondsman will usually employ a bail enforcement agent or bounty hunter to track you down. As an attorney in good standing with the Travis County Sheriff's Office, Aaron Mueller is authorized by the sheriff to post surety bonds.

Personal Bond: This is a type of bond where you the defendant are personally responsible for the bond amount if you fail to appear. Although you don't have to pay $10,000 to be released on a $10,000 personal bond, if you fail to appear, the county will sue you to collect the $10,000 you promised to pay in the event you missed court. A Personal Bond needs the authorization of a magistrate to be granted. While there is a Personal Bond office that processes these bonds, it can sometimes take days to be released on your own recognizance. If you hire us to get you out by calling 512-474-9999, we can expedite the process of obtaining a personal bond by filling out the forms and taking the directly to a judge for authorization.