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Defending Against Unlawful Restraint Charges in the Austin Area

The law in Texas takes interference with another person’s physical liberty very seriously. Kidnapping, smuggling, and trafficking offenses have very harsh penalties, but there is also a lesser related offense in Texas called “unlawful restraint.” While this is not as severe an accusation as kidnapping, it is still a very serious matter, and you need an experienced Austin unlawful restraint defense lawyer handling your case.

The law office of Granger and Mueller PC represents defendants facing charges of unlawful restraint in the Austin area. We will do everything in our power to have our clients’ charges dismissed, or to fight for the least harsh penalty possible. Contact us right away if you are arrested and accused of unlawful restraint.

Unlawful Restraint Charges and Penalties

Under the Texas statute, unlawful restraint involves knowingly or intentionally restraining another person. To “restrain” means to:

Restraining someone is different from abducting someone, which could result in kidnapping charges. Restraint does not involve hiding someone like abduction, though there are still potentially severe penalties for unlawful restraint.

Unlawful restraint is generally a Class A misdemeanor charge, which can mean maximum penalties of one year in jail and $4,000 in fines. However, charges might be escalated as follows:

Even though unlawful restraint is less severe than kidnapping or smuggling, you can still face possible imprisonment and costly fines if you are convicted of this offense.

How an Austin Unlawful Restraint Defense Attorney Can Help

It is important to fight against a conviction of unlawful restraint whenever possible, and you should start by seeking help from our experienced Austin criminal defense lawyers. We can help in different ways, such as:

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