Have The Police Contacted You?

Stay Quiet And Contact Us

You are not obligated to talk to the police just because they called you. In fact, in most cases it's better if you don't. Before you say something that could damage your case, it's important to call a lawyer. If the police are looking to charge someone with a crime, and they think you may have done it, they will be looking for the easiest possible way to make an arrest. Don't hand them what they want on a silver platter. Call us first to talk to a criminal defense attorney at Granger and Mueller PC Our number is 512-474-9999.

You Are Not Protected In Casual Conversation

If the police simply try to talk to you but are not officially charging you with a crime, you aren't protected by Miranda laws. In other words, they won't inform you of your right to remain silent. However, you still have this right. Also anything you say to a Texas police officer in a casual conversation can be used against you. But because you aren't being arrested, police don't have to mention this.

Whether the police repeatedly call you, or show up at your house or work, you don't have to talk to them, and you shouldn't.

What If I'm Not A Suspect?

If the police are investigating a crime, and haven't yet charged someone, they may want to talk to a lot of people, including you. Just because they say you're not a suspect doesn't mean that you're not. Anything you say to the police can be used against you, or even misunderstood. It's safer not to say anything in the first place.

Doesn't It Look Bad If I Don't Talk?

It doesn't matter how it looks. What matters is if you end up charged with a crime or not. If police officers don't have enough information to go on, they can't make an arrest. By not talking, you could potentially prevent charges from being brought in the first place.

Call Us If You've Been Called

Don't incriminate yourself. If the police have called you, call us, and we'll deal with it. To talk to a lawyer in Travis County about what happened, call our Austin criminal defense office at 512-474-9999 or use our online email form.