Austin Abduction and Kidnapping Defense Lawyers

Charges for abduction and kidnapping are among the most serious that individuals in Texas can face. If convicted, you will have a criminal record attached to your name for the rest of your life. You could also be subjected to expensive fines and a lengthy prison sentence. Now is the time to hire a skilled Austin criminal defense lawyer to aggressively pursue the best outcome possible in your case if you have been charged with abduction or kidnapping.

Is There a Difference Between Abduction and Kidnapping?

Under Texas Penal Code § 20.03(a), kidnapping is taking a person intentionally or knowingly against their will. It usually involves using force, threats, or deceit. Often, the perpetrator intends to harm or injure their victim. Kidnapping is sometimes done for a money ransom or other types of gains. Abduction is defined as a person being removed from their initial location with persuasion or by fraud, force, or violence.

Texas law also defines kidnapping is the act of abducting. To be found guilty by a jury, abduction must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Texas Penal Code § 20.01(2) explains that abduction is the act of restraining a person with the intent to prevent their freedom by one or both of the following means:

Keep in mind that if the abduction involves the use of a deadly weapon, is part of a domestic violence case, or involves moral turpitude in Texas, your charges and potential consequences could be even more severe If you are charged with the wrong type of crime, your Austin criminal defense attorneys could use this as a part of your defense.

How Our Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Defend Their Clients

Under the American legal system, you are innocent until proven guilty. Your legal strategy is not simply proving your innocence but making the prosecutor work to prove to a jury that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Far too many individuals charged with kidnapping and abduction accept a plea deal because they feel that the legal system is already stacked against them. For most charges, you should not plead guilty or accept a plea deal. Instead, you should hire our skilled Austin criminal defense attorneys to represent you. If you go to trial, the right attorney could see to it that you are acquitted of your charges.

Turn to Dedicated Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers for Help 

Our Austin criminal defense attorneys can help you navigate our state’s complex criminal justice system. We provide the compassion, direction, and representation you deserve. When you work with Granger and Mueller PC, you can count on us to be advocates of your legal rights and options and aggressive litigators when your case is brought to court. Contact us today to schedule your legal consultation so we can put your case together and plan your defense. We look forward to reviewing your charges and devising the most effective strategy to fight them.