Austin DWI Lawyers For Occupational Driver's License

Keeping Your Life Moving With A Limited License While You Wait

If you have a suspended driver's license or a revoked driver's license as a result of a DWI stop in Austin, Texas, your whole life may be disrupted. You may face challenges getting to work, accessing child care, going to medical appointments or even going to the grocery store. You don't have to suffer through this state of affairs, however. You can petition for a restricted license called an occupational driver's license, which allows you to drive for certain limited activities, including:

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An Important Stepping Stone Before Trial

If your case will be going to trial, you may face a long wait before your situation can be resolved. Getting an occupational license is one way to minimize the disruption to your daily schedule while you wait for your day in court. Furthermore, petitioning for an occupational license allows us the chance to talk one-on-one with your arresting officer outside of the criminal courthouse, which could potentially yield important information to help your case.

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