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While criminal offenses vary in their severity based on circumstances and aggravating factors, nearly all can disrupt or tarnish a personal or professional life, career, or educational opportunities. If you have been charged with a crime, the situation can be immensely stressful — particularly for a first-time offense. That said, it is extremely important to act with full knowledge of your rights so that you can protect your interests and move toward the best possible outcome. A skilled legal team can help you do precisely that.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Travis County

Having worked on more than 12,000 criminal cases in Travis County, our lawyers are ideally prepared to work on any state felony or misdemeanor case, including those involving:

We cannot overemphasize the importance of early, decisive, informed, and deliberate action. One wrong move, particularly at the early stages of an investigation, can be catastrophic — it can literally turn what would be an outright dismissal into a conviction. We will work one-on-one with you from the very beginning of your case to help you fully protect your rights while we aggressively advocate for you in negotiation or litigation.

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Possible Penalties of Criminal Cases

Getting arrested or facing criminal charges can always be stressful, and your future becomes uncertain. What will happen if you are convicted? Will you go to jail? Will you be able to afford fines? How will a criminal record impact your life?

The truth is that Texas criminal law sets out serious penalties for most criminal offenses, which often include jail time. Some common penalties include:

Once you complete any court-ordered sentence, the consequences do not stop there. Instead, having a criminal record can impact many aspects of your life, such as:

It is always best to avoid a criminal conviction on your record, even if it seems minor at the time.

How an Austin Criminal Lawyer Can Help

Many people go back and forth on whether they should hire an attorney to help them handle their criminal matter. If you are facing a misdemeanor charge that might seem minor to you, it is tempting to save yourself attorney’s fees and try to represent yourself. However, unrepresented defendants regularly receive much harsher outcomes than defendants with the right criminal defense attorney.

Defense lawyers can assist in your case in many different ways to seek the most favorable outcome possible. This can include:

As you can see, the services of a criminal defense attorney can be valuable from the moment you are arrested - or even under investigation - until after a conviction.

The criminal process is complicated, and in Travis County, the process does not favor defendants. It is always best to have an experienced attorney protecting your rights and fighting your charges, no matter how minor or severe your case may be.

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