Taming Tampering Charges

Using, creating, altering or destroying government documents such as a driver's license or a birth certificate can result in very real criminal charges with potentially far-reaching consequences. Depending on the circumstances, a charge of this type can result in either misdemeanor or felony criminal charges. If you have been charged with tampering with government records in Travis County, you need committed defense from an experienced lawyer right away who can provide a strong defense and protect your future.

Examples Of Tampering

There are several ways to tamper with governmental records that can result in serious criminal charges, including:

Tampering with a government record with the intent of committing fraud is considered to be an especially serious offense that requires an immediate and knowledgeable defense. If you have been charged with any variety of tampering with government record in Texas, you need a defense attorney who can protect your rights and interests, and help guide you through the necessary stages of the legal process.

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