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If you're a person who takes prescription medications to control pain, you probably don't consider yourself a drug addict or a drug dealer. But these drugs can be highly addictive, and in many cases what starts out as a prescription for a legitimate pain issue snowballs into a larger problem. Whether you have found yourself charged with illegal possession of prescription drugs or a similar charge, now you're in trouble with the law and need help. At Granger and Mueller PC, our knowledgeable Texas drug crimes attorneys have defended clients facing charges related to prescription pill abuse. We know how to build a strong case to protect your rights in such situations, because we've done it many times before for other people, with favorable outcomes.

Which Prescription Drugs Are Illegal?

Technically, no prescription drug, if taken as directed, is illegal. However, the problem happens when you take these drugs in too large of a dose, or for a use for which the drug was not intended, or if you share your prescription drugs with someone else. Some common painkillers that can become addictive and subject to misuse include:

What Should I Do Now?

If you have prescription drug charges in Austin, the police take this very seriously, and you could face severe penalties. This is not a situation you should handle on your own. Contact a lawyer with extensive experience in drug crime defense to help you navigate your situation.

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