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Beginning in September of 2019, it became legal for individuals in the State of Texas to carry brass knuckles and certain other on-hand weapons for purposes of self-defense. Brass knuckles have recently been removed from a group of prohibited weapons that individuals were previously excluded from manufacturing, possessing, or transporting within the State. Brass knuckles are instruments that “consist of guards or finger rings” and that are made of some type of “hard substance” that is intended by the user to inflict death or serious bodily harm when he or she strikes another individual with a clenched fist.

Just because these on-hand weapons are now legal to possess in Texas does not mean that all other weapons are permissible in the State. In fact, getting caught in possession of a prohibited weapon can lead to criminal charges that could result in serious penalties upon conviction.

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Types of Prohibited Weapons in Texas

Although Texas, by-and-large, is extremely deferential to individuals’ Second Amendment protections to keep and bear arms, there are still certain types of weapons that individuals are prohibited from possessing in Texas. Specifically, individuals may not possess any of the following types of weapons (unless the individual registers the weapon in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record, which is kept by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives), unless the weapon is not subject to a registration requirement, or if the weapon has been classified as a relic or a curio by the Department of Justice:

Consequences of Illegal Weapons Possession in Texas

Possessing a prohibited weapon in Texas often comes with serious consequences and penalties. A charge for possessing an illegal weapon in the State is a third-degree felony charge. Upon conviction, the offender could receive a maximum monetary fine of $10,000, along with a maximum of ten years in jail. A person can also be charged with and convicted of possessing a prohibited weapon even when he or she does not know that the particular weapon at issue is prohibited in the State.

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