When Evidence Is Illegally Acquired

In a criminal trial, the prosecution must present its case before the defense, bringing forth any pertinent evidence in support of a conviction. In certain circumstances, however, it may be possible to prevent the prosecution from using certain evidence against you. Blocking that evidence can help preserve your freedom and even prevent a conviction.

What Evidence Can Be Suppressed?

A smart defense attorney will make sure to suppress any evidence in your case that was obtained illegally. Examples of evidence that may have been procured illegally includes:

Suppression Is Not Spontaneous

In order to suppress certain evidence that would otherwise be used against you, a defense attorney needs to file a motion to suppress evidence. A judge will then rule on the motion. The suppression hearing will take place independent of the overarching criminal trial.

Any additional evidence gathered as a result of the initial illegally gathered evidence will also be deemed inadmissible.

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