Why Do Criminal Cases Take So Long?

Be Prepared To Be Patient

We Go Second

In criminal cases, the defense can only start once the prosecution has finished. That is, the prosecution must lay out every bit of evidence they have before the defense can address it with their own version of events. This means we have to review and counter every bit of evidence they bring forward, from videos to lab results (blood, DNA), witness reports and photos. This takes time, and the defense doesn't have control over the volume of evidence the prosecution produces.

Prosecutors Are Busy

When the state of Texas charges you for a crime, your case isn't the only one your prosecutor will be handling. Chances are they have a large pile of cases they're dealing with at the same time, each with its own catalog of evidence, sources and witnesses to sort through. While "workload" isn't a satisfying answer when your future is at stake, it is a logistical hurdle and prevents cases from being completed with the efficiency that most defendants would prefer.

Why Do I Need To Appear In Court?

We can talk about this. If it were up to us you would only need to appear at significant hearings or trial but some judges require defendants to appear once a case is X number of days old. Some judges require defendants for all felony appearances. We believe this is a tactic judges use to have defendants urge their attorney to take a deal and stop making them miss work for court, but we don't quit until we get the best result.

Patience Can Pay. Call Us Today.

While it's understandable that you want your criminal case resolved as quickly as possible, we're more concerned with the result than with efficiency. Our Austin criminal defense lawyers will do everything they can to avoid unnecessary delays, but we realize that ultimately we're fighting for your freedom and your future. To do the work right, sometimes it takes time. Contact an attorney at our Travis County law office to learn more about how we can help with your case. Call 512-474-9999 or email us for additional information.