Knowing Where You Stand

One of your rights as a person arrested for a crime is magistration. You have the right to know what you have been charged with and your bond amount. This could take as long as 48 hours. After you are processed at booking, you will be housed until you go to court for magistration and to have your bond set. This wait could take up to 24 hours for a misdemeanor and up to 48 hours for a felony. This wait is to have time for the officer to complete an affidavit explaining to the magistrate why you were brought into jail. This probable cause affidavit lays out why the officer stopped or detained you, what crime you are alleged to have committed and what evidence the officer obtained to justify your arrest. What people don't know is this right can be waived. Call us and we will send an attorney to meet with the magistrate judge to waive your right to magistration. We will immediately seek a bond after waiving magistration. This intervention by our office means that we waive your right to have the charges and bond amount read to you by a magistrate. Only an attorney can do this--neither a bail bondsman not the pre-trial services office can expedite this for you. If you hire us to help in your release by calling 512-474-9999, we can save you a lot of time in this wait to be magistrated.