Austin Felony Defense Lawyers

It is no stretch to say that a felony conviction is life-changing. Having a felony conviction on a criminal record can absolutely destroy a career, personal life and educational opportunity.

Because of the stakes of a felony charge, it is absolutely critical to begin protecting your rights if you are being investigated or immediately after you have been charged.

Aggravated Assault

Our team of lawyers has worked on more than 12,000 criminal cases in and around Austin, Texas, so we are fully equipped to address even the most serious or complicated cases, including:

Regardless of your charge, we will inform you of your rights from the very beginning of our work together. We will do everything vigorously to protect your rights as we undertake the rigorous discovery and investigation that these cases entail. From there we are prepared to go into negotiation or litigation to aggressively advocate on your behalf. It is our foremost goal to do everything possible to maintain your personal and professional well-being. This approach has worked in thousands of cases, and we are prepared to take it to yours.

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