Common Travis County Arrests by Police Stations

Defending Clients Arrested by Different Law Enforcement Agencies in Travis County

Getting arrested is a terrifying experience - no matter which police department conducts the arrest. If you are brought into a police station and accused of a crime in Travis County, the experienced criminal defense lawyers at Granger and Mueller, PC, are ready to help.

With decades of criminal defense experience, our legal team focuses on working within Travis County so we can best represent each and every client. We are thoroughly familiar with how the criminal courts in Travis County work, including which police jurisdictions might be involved in the proceedings.

Police officers can often play a significant role in criminal cases, including by testifying for the prosecution regarding the circumstances of your arrest and why they believe they had probable cause to make the arrest. Each police department has its own unique aspects, and it only helps our attorneys to understand the inner-workings of the police agencies in Travis County.

Our firm defends against many types of criminal charges, including:

No matter what type of crime the police accuse you of committing, you can trust that our lawyers will mount an aggressive defense. This includes challenging the circumstances of your arrest, identifying possible constitutional violations by the police, challenging the testimony of officers regarding their observations and procedures, and more. Contact our office directly to discuss how we can help after an arrest by a police department in Travis County. The following is some information regarding different police stations that conduct arrests in the county.

Lakeway Police Department

The Lakeway Police Department patrols an area with more than 15,000 people, and while the area does not have a comparatively high crime rate to nearby areas, statistics show that violent crimes have increased over the past five years. The following is some information regarding arrests by the Lakeway police in 2018:

Manor Police Department

The City of Manor Police Department aims to enforce laws in a community of more than 9,000 people. While the overall crime rate in Manor has fallen, violent crime has increased in recent years. Consider the following crime statistics for 2018:

West Lake Hills Police Department

Even with a smaller community of only about 3,300 people, the West Lake Hills Police Department still makes arrests for a variety of crimes. Such arrests included the following in 2018:

Pflugerville Police Department

The Pflugerville Police Department has the large responsibility of enforcing the law in an area with more than 63,000 people. This means the department conducts a higher number of arrests, including the following in 2018:

Jonestown Police Department

Even in a small community, the Jonestown Police Department still makes arrests for several different offenses each year. These include the following in a single year:

Lago Vista Police Department

Lago Vista has about 6,800 people who depend on the Lago Vista Police Department to keep them safe, but people in the area also get arrested for a variety of crimes. The following are arrest statistics for 2018:

Bee Cave Police Department

About 6,700 people live in Bee Cave, Texas, and the area is patrolled by the Bee Cave Police Department. The crime rate has been increasing in recent years in this area, and the following arrests were reported in 2018:

Sunset Valley Police Department

While Sunset Valley only has about 700 residents, the Sunset Valley Police Department is still an active arresting agency. Due to the comparison of the small population to the number of annual arrests, the Sunset Valley area has a surprisingly high crime rate. Consider the following for 2018:

Mustang Ridge Police Department

The officers of the Mustang Ridge Police Department patrol an area of nearly 1,000 people. While this area has the lowest crime rate of any part of Travis County, arrests still occur, and an arrest could happen to you. The following are the arrests that were reported in 2018 for Mustang Ridge:

Briarcliff Police Department

Briarcliff is home to about 1,700 of Travis County’s residents. The Briarcliff Police Department works to control crime in the area, and made the following arrests in the past six months:

Seek Defense Help as Soon as Possible After an Arrest

Arrests happen all over Travis County - even in the smaller areas where you would not expect crime to occur. No matter where you are within the county, you can bet there are local police officers out watching for potential criminal offenders. Often, these officers overstep their bounds and make arrests or conduct searches that are unlawful and violate your constitutional rights.

After an arrest, criminal charges generally follow, and you need a Travis County criminal defense firm handling your case and protecting your rights. Please contact the law firm of Granger and Mueller, PC, if you have a possible or pending criminal case in Travis County. Call 512-474-9999 or contact us online today.