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Fighting Complex Embezzlement Allegations in Austin Criminal Court

Texas law categorizes many criminal offenses as “theft.” There are many ways that people can take money or items without authority, and one type of theft crime is referred to as embezzlement. While embezzlement can be considered a white-collar crime, it can also involve the physical taking of property. In either situation, the possible penalties can be severe.

If you are suspected of committing embezzlement, you need the right defense representation as soon as possible. The prosecutor will aggressively pursue a conviction, so it is critical to aggressively defend against your charges. Contact an Austin embezzlement defense lawyer from the firm of Granger and Mueller PC today.

What is Embezzlement?

Theft often involves taking something that you never had permission to possess. However, embezzlement is slightly different, in that this offense involves taking something you were entrusted with by the owner. While you had permission to temporarily possess or manage the owner’s property or money, it is a crime to then keep the property for yourself and intentionally deprive the owner.

There are many situations in which embezzlement might occur, many of which involve employment relationships. Some examples of common embezzlement scenarios include:

These are only a few examples of the many ways embezzlement can happen.

Avoiding Penalties for Embezzlement in Austin

In Texas, the penalties for theft crimes depend on the amount you allegedly stole. The charges penalties for embezzlement might include:

There are many defenses to embezzlement charges that might get your charges dismissed or reduce your charges and penalties. It is critical to have the right embezzlement defense attorney reviewing your case and presenting all possible legal defenses for you.

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Embezzlement is a serious offense - even if the value of the case does not seem impressive. Having even one theft-related conviction on your record can have many consequences that last far into the future, so you need to prevent a conviction whenever possible. The Austin embezzlement attorneys at the office of Granger and Mueller PC are ready to help. Call 512-474-9999 or contact us online to learn about our defense services right away.