Austin Domestic Restraining Order Attorneys

It is true that domestic violence is a serious issue that needs to be properly addressed by the law, including protections for victims against their abusers. However, as many people know all too well, there can be false allegations made regarding domestic violence that lead to unnecessary restrictions and likely criminal charges that can impact your freedom, finances, and life in general.

If someone has filed for a domestic restraining order against you, it is important for you to protect your own rights with the help of an experienced Austin domestic restraining order attorney. Contact Granger and Mueller PC for more information about how we can help right away.

What is a Restraining Order?

You might have an idea of what a restraining order means, though most people do not know all that such an order entails until it is too late, and they are subject to an order. A restraining order is a civil order which aims to protect a victim from a pattern of domestic abuse. Allegations that might lead to a restraining order being issued include the following:

Physical abuse: The alleged victim is not required to show physical signs of abuse to file a petition for an order.

Psychological abuse: A restraining order can also aim to protect against threats and intimidation. Threats do not have to be physical. Some threats involved sharing embarrassing information or threatening to have someone declared an inadequate parent.

Emotional abuse: Typically, this form of alleged abuse damages a victim’s self-esteem, often from verbal insults or humiliation that occurs consistently.

Economic abuse: This occurs when someone depends on another person for financial support, and that person withholds that support as punishment or for control.

What Does a Domestic Restraining Order Do?

The provisions of each domestic restraining order are tailored to the situation in question. Generally speaking, some provisions can prohibit you from:

The terms of a restraining order can seriously affect your life, so you want to avoid having one issued whenever possible with the help of the right attorney.

Violating a Domestic Restraining Order is a Serious Offense

One reason you do not want a restraining order is that any alleged violations of the order can lead to serious penalties. Prosecutors can impose additional charges if a defendant is accused of violating a restraining order, including the following:

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