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If you or a loved one has been charged with drug trafficking in Texas, it is a serious offense. Drug charges can carry hefty penalties and result in long-term consequences if convicted. You need a skilled Travis County defense attorney who has significant experience representing clients who have been accused of drug trafficking. The attorneys at Granger and Mueller PC have extensive experience representing clients who have been charged with an array of drug-related offenses, including drug trafficking.

What is Drug Trafficking?

Laws on drug trafficking are intended to target those who import, sell, or transport controlled substances. This includes not only drug dealers, but those who manufacture various drugs, including anything from marijuana to prescription drugs. Drug trafficking charges can be applied in some cases where the person does not fit the usual definition of a drug trafficker, which is why it is imperative to retain an experienced Travis County criminal defense attorney.

When Possession turns to Drug Trafficking

The charge of drug trafficking can apply to a wide variety of scenarios, involving different types and amounts of drugs. Even if you are not intending to traffic drugs, the type and weight of the drugs are what directly impacts the severity of the charges. The federal and state governments view some drugs as being more dangerous than others. For example, a drug trafficking charge involving marijuana could have less severe penalties than cocaine.

The weight of the drug you are caught with is what can make a seemingly minor offense of drug possession turn into a far more serious charge of drug trafficking. Being arrested with a gram of cocaine in your possession versus two ounces of cocaine can mean a world of difference on how severe the charges are.

Common Types of Drugs Subject to Trafficking Arrests

Some of the more common types of drugs involved in drug trafficking arrests include:

● Marijuana

● Methamphetamines

● Cocaine

● Heroin

● Prescription drugs (especially drugs like Oxycodone)

Drug Trafficking Penalties in Texas

Drug trafficking falls under the violations of the Texas Controlled Substances Act . Being convicted of drug trafficking in Texas can result in significant jail time. A minor offense might warrant anywhere from 180 days up to two years in a Texas state jail, plus a fine of no more than $10,000 for a state jail felony. A more serious offense could result in 15 to 99 years in a Texas state prison and/or a fine of up to $250,000 for the most serious first-degree felony.

There are some defenses that may be applicable in a drug trafficking charge, which is where a knowledgeable Austin criminal defense attorney comes in. Being unaware the drugs were in the vehicle that you just purchased, or a mistake of fact — if you were transporting what you thought was sugar, but it was actually cocaine — are two possible defenses to having drug trafficking charges dropped or reduced.

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