Felony Lane Gang

What Is The 'Felony Lane'?

The lane farthest from the tellers at a bank drive-through is known as the "felony lane" because its distance from surveillance cameras makes it most appealing to those who might engage in fraud. At a distance from tellers and security cameras, people sometimes use this lane to cash checks fraudulently or use ATM cards belonging to other people to withdraw money.

What Is The 'Felony Lane Gang'?

This refers to people who "smash-and-grab" wallets, purses and checkbooks from cars that have been left unattended, and then use checks, or ATM cards to withdraw money fraudulently from the felony lane at bank drive-throughs.

Is There A Defense?

If you've been charged with felony lane fraud, you need an experienced defense lawyer immediately who can build an effective defense based on your circumstances and the facts of your case. Police officers take these cases very seriously, and so chances are you're not likely to receive a slap on the wrist. In Travis County, our experienced attorneys at Granger and Mueller PC are committed to protecting your rights and preserving your freedom to the greatest possible extent.

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