Retained Aaron to handle my sons Possession of Marijuana charges during his senior year in high school. He was caught with 2 pot-brownies at his high school and was charged with POM in Drug Free Zone - 3rd Degree Felony. Well, it took Aaron 10 months to get this charge dismissed. Aaron walked us thru the process and stated from the beginning that it would take time but his goal was to get the charges dismissed or at least downgraded to a misdemeanor. Aaron was successful and I thank him for it. My son was able to graduate from high school and is now finishing his first semester at Austin Community College. I highly recommend Aaron Mueller and the Granger and Mueller PC law firm.

- John M

Without any hesitation, I would recommend Aaron Mueller. He is very diligent and courteous and guides you through every step-helping you understand the legal process and legal speak. The judge in my case informed me that I had a very good lawyer.

-Marty P.

I would recommend the Granger and Mueller PC. firm to my friends, family or anyone in need of criminal legal representation or advice. They have a long history of success and know how to work with the system. Our rights as citizens are violated daily, these guys will protect your rights.

-Simon M.

I highly recommend Aaron Mueller of Granger and Mueller PC Aaron Mueller is extremely professional and dedicated to his clients. You are treated with respect and spoken to in a way that is comforting. His assistant, Chris, is always on point and courteous. Every visit to the office Chris always new my name. Never once did I feel like just another case. These two are a dynamic duo that should be undoubtedly considered for any defense. Financially speaking, they worked with me without any reluctance. I felt like I was part of a family with these gentlemen. Aaron never steered me wrong or sugar-coated anything when it came to my case. I was told the facts then advised of his sincere and professional advice. Not to mention, Aaron is a pretty laid back and hilarious lawyer. He has much tenure in the field and an outstanding defense record. Again, my attorney, Aaron Mueller, is the all-around right decision to make when choosing a lawyer. Thank you.

-D. Cruz