White Collar Crime Attorneys

To protect yourself against state and federal penalties that could result from white collar crime charges, get our experienced Travis County criminal defense attorneys fighting on your side.

White collar crimes are different from other types of illegal activities in that they often center around the activities of professionals, businesses, and regulating agencies. Some type of fraud and/or the desire to obtain money or property and increase profits is generally at the heart of these crimes. Involving both minor infractions and alleged crimes committed on a massive scale, white collar crime may involve major corporations, public institutions, and state or national government offices. At Granger and Mueller PC, we understand the complex nature of these charges and the serious penalties that come with a conviction. With more than 25 years experience in handling these types of cases, our Austin white collar crime attorneys provide the aggressive legal representation needed to protect and defend you.

Facing Charges of White Collar Crime in Texas?

While white collar crimes do not typically involve acts of violence, they are still serious criminal matters in Texas which can carry potentially harsh penalties. Depending on the situation, there may be multiple offenses involved, each carrying its own charges and potential penalties.

At Granger and Mueller PC, we provide the trusted legal guidance and professional representation you need to protect yourself in these situations. Our Travis County white collar crime attorneys provide a strong legal defense, fighting on behalf of clients who face the following types of charges:

● Bank fraud

● Bankruptcy fraud;

● Bribery;

● Conspiracy to commit a crime;

● Consumer fraud;

● Counterfeiting;

● Corporate fraud;

● Credit card fraud;

● Embezzlement;

Forgery ;

● Identity theft;

● Insurance fraud;

● Money laundering;

● Mortgage fraud;

● Ponzi schemes;

● RICO violations;

● Securities violations;

● Tax fraud and evasion;

● Theft;

● Telemarketing fraud;

● Writing bad checks.

All of these are serious crimes, which the Texas Attorney General’s Office may be called in to investigate. They can also catch the attention of national authorities, resulting in federal charges and a mandatory minimum jail sentence.

Get the Strong Legal Representation You Need

When white collar crimes involve financial institutions, government agencies, or federal laws and regulations, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) may get involved in your case. Actions Investigators may take in pursuing charges include:

● Conducting intrusive searches of your home, office, or business;

● Interviewing business associates and family members, ruining your professional reputation and personal relationships;

● Freezing financial accounts;

● Seizing certain property and assets you possess.

To protect yourself in this situation, you need our experienced Travis County white collar crime attorneys on your side. At Granger and Mueller PC, we have the practical experience and legal knowledge needed to provide a strong legal defense in your case.

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