Austin Sexual Assault & Rape Charge Attorneys

When facing serious criminal charges involving sexual assault or rape, you need an experienced Travis County criminal defense attorney on your side.

Allegations involving sexual assault or rape are a serious matter. If convicted on these charges, you could be facing a potentially lengthy prison sentence, along with having to register as a sex offender upon your release. In these types of cases, you need an experienced Travis County criminal defense attorney on your side. At Granger and Mueller PC, we have been defending clients charged with these types of crimes for more than 25 years and can provide the aggressive representation you need to avoid a conviction and clear your name.

Defending You Against Sexual Assault and Rape Allegations in Travis County

The mere allegation of sexually inappropriate behavior is enough to ruin your reputation, both professionally and in your personal life. Facing criminal charges related to sexual assault or rape could cost you your job, while disrupting your relationships with friends and family. This is in addition to the criminal penalties you face, which in the state of Texas can be severe.

At Granger and Mueller PC, our Travis County sexual assault and rape attorneys provide a strong legal defense for clients facing these charges. Under Section 22.011 of the Texas Penal Code , sexual assault is a crime that may include:

● Using the threat of violence to coerce someone into sexual activities;

● Using physical force to engage in sexual conduct against another person’s wishes;

● Having sexual relations with someone who is under the influence or otherwise unable to give consent;

● Engaging in sexual conduct with a vulnerable person, such as someone who is underage, physically or mentally disabled, or is otherwise under your care or authority.

Protecting You Against a Conviction

Prosecuted through the Travis County Criminal Courts , sexual assault and rape crimes are generally charged as a felony in the second degree. Penalties upon conviction include fines up to $10,000, up to a 20-year jail sentence, and mandatory registration as a sex offender. If the sexual assault involved a minor, an elderly person, the use of a weapon, or resulted in serious injuries, it can be charged as a first degree felony. This carries a maximum sentence of up to 99 years or life.

Considering the volatile nature of these charges and the fact that your future is on the line, you need a strong, experienced Travis County criminal attorney on your side, protecting your rights. At Granger and Mueller PC , we can help strategize a strong defense in your case. This includes:

● Reviewing evidence collected by police and prosecutors;

● Gathering evidence in support of your version of events;

● Negotiating at preliminary hearings on your behalf;

● Arguing your case in front of a judge or jury.

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