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When Can Police Search Your Car?

You can get pulled over for speeding or a broken tail light and end up facing drug charges if police find drugs in your vehicle. But is it fair for police to search your car when drugs aren't the reason they pulled you over in the first place?

Five Things You Should Know About "Excited Utterances"

When discussing the types of statements that people make and how they relate to a court of law, we put them into categories in order to define how we must regard them. One of the more unusual types of speech is what is referred to as an excited utterance. In this article, we will discuss five things you should know about this type of communication.

Consequences Of A Felony Conviction In Texas

Any type of interaction with the police or the Texas legal system is a serious matter. The stakes become even higher if you are charged and convicted of a felony. Texas law allows for permanent restrictions on all convicted felons. This includes not just the sentence, but also consequences for future employment, educational opportunities and certain family law issues. There are many lifelong restrictions that will affect your future employment opportunities, as Texas statutes are in place that restrict convicted felons from pursuing careers in many occupations

What happens if you violate the terms of probation?

Rather than jail time, you may have been given a probation period if you were convicted of a crime. These periods of supervision have conditions that must be followed or you could face even more consequences. How serious is a probation violation? Here is what could happen if you go against the terms of your sentence.

You Don't Need A Prescription To Stop An Overdose

The following SlideShare presentation explores opioid abuse in Texas, and how the drug Naloxone can stop the effects of an overdose. Prescription painkillers are at the root of many criminal charges in the state, and use and abuse of the drug has become a serious problem nationwide. 

Marijuana Laws Changing With The Times

Donald Trump's nomination as president was the big story of the 2016 election. But there were other issues further down the ballot to vote on as well. The legalization of marijuana for recreational use passed in California, Massachusetts and Nevada, joining Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington and Washington, DC. As a recent story by the New York Times pointed out, the population of adults in the U.S. who can legally use marijuana has now jumped from 5 percent to more than 20 percent. States where it was on the ballot but didn't pass were Maine and Arizona.

Is There A Defense Against Sex Trafficking?

A major sex trafficking ring was recently busted in the United States. Women from Asia were purchased by sex trafficking runners, and were trafficked in a triangle around Austin between Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. As a result, federal charges have been filed against 17 individuals.

Convicted of domestic violence? Here are five things you need to know about your guns.

Federal and state laws vary on what exactly happens to the guns of those convicted of domestic violence. The laws differ depending on what state you live in and whether or not it is decided to be a felony or misdemeanor. So let's check out what the deal is in Austin.