What to Know About Drunk Driving in Austin

Texas is one of the biggest states in the nation. With so much land area and millions of people, you can expect that lots of criminal activity will occur. Drinking and driving is no exception. Texas regularly ranks high when it comes to drunk driving accidents and fatalities in the United States.

Austin, the state capital, is especially known for alcohol use. Austin is known for having a drinking problem. People in Austin drink more than people in every other city in Texas. Law enforcement officials see it firsthand. Austin has a lot of places for people to enjoy alcohol. In fact, the city is home to approximately 272 bars.

In fact, Austin is known as a party town. There are so many bars in the area, so people looking to have fun have a lot of options to choose from. Downtown Austin, South Congress, the University of Texas, Old West Austin, and South Lamar are known as the best places to grab a beer or cocktail.

When compared to the rest of the country, Austin ranks high. In fact, it was named one of the booziest cities in the country, ranking at #5. Austin-Round Rock has the highest rate of alcohol abuse in Texas. While 18% of adults in the country admit to excessive drinking, the rate in the Austin metro area is more than 22%. Men are more likely than women to be heavy drinkers of alcohol.

While the legal drinking age in Texas is 21 years old, many drink at much younger ages. Travis County reports that 71% of Texas teens have consumed alcohol at some point, with the average age at which people use alcohol for the first time is 13 years old.

Indeed, police officers say that heavy drinking at the University of Texas and popular festivals like Austin City Limits and South by Southwest contribute to the alcohol culture. However, it is more than that. Drinking has just become part of Austin’s culture, and it’s causing a huge problem.

Many people think nothing of having an alcoholic drink on a regular basis, but the results can be catastrophic or fatal. In 2021, there were 25,261 drunk-driving crashes in Texas. As a result, 1,029 people were killed. In addition, 2,522 people were seriously injured in these crashes. Nearly one-quarter of all traffic deaths in Texas in 2021 were caused by drunk driving.

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