What to Expect if You are Arrested for Drug Possession in Austin, TX

After being charged with drug possession, several things can happen. It is important to be prepared for them.

Drug possession is taken very seriously in Austin and all throughout Texas. The penalties vary depending on the type and quantity of substance one was found in possession of, but they are all serious. Fortunately, if you have been charged, you may have several options that can help you avoid jail time, high fines, and the other consequences that a conviction will bring. Below, our Austin criminal defense lawyer explains what these are.

Getting the Charges Dropped or Dismissed

A strong defense is the best way to get your charges dropped or dismissed. If the prosecution determines that there is not enough evidence to pursue your case, they may drop the charges. In these instances, it may be possible to obtain an expunction and remove the arrest from your criminal record. If a judge determines there is a legal mistake in the state’s case, they may dismiss the charges and throw out your case.

Rehabilitation for Drug Possession

Even if you are convicted of drug possession, it does not necessarily mean you will go to jail or prison. There are times when a judge may order someone to attend rehabilitation instead of serving jail time. The idea behind this is that certain individuals will benefit more from getting help for their problem than they will from spending time in jail. A judge may order rehabilitation if any of the following scenarios apply:

  • The nature of your crime does not warrant jail or prison time,
  • You do not have a previous criminal record
  • Your offense was of a non-violent nature
  • Your offense was directly or indirectly caused by an addiction

The nature of court-ordered rehabilitation varies depending on the offense committed and the nature of the abuse or addiction. If you meet all the requirements, your charges are dropped.

Diversion Program

A pre-trial diversion program may be an option if your offense was of a non-violent nature and you do not have a previous criminal record. Like rehabilitation, you will have to meet several different requirements, but if you complete the diversion program successfully, your charges will be dropped.

Accepting a Plea Bargain

The prosecution may offer a plea bargain, which means they may offer to reduce your charges if you plead guilty. This can result in less jail time and lower fines, but it is always important to speak to a defense lawyer to determine if a plea bargain is right for you.

A Conviction

The worst possible outcome of being arrested for drug possession is that you may be convicted of the crime. In this instance, you will have a permanent criminal record and will be required to serve jail or prison time, pay high fines, and face other consequences.

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers in Austin Can Help with Your Charges

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