Violating Probation Can Lead to Harsh Consequences

If you are accused of a probation violation, you could face harsh penalties such as a mandatory jail sentence.

Probation, or community supervision as it is referred to in Texas, allows first time offenders and those who have been convicted of relatively minor crimes to avoid a jail sentence. It is meant to hold you accountable and there are strict requirements you must meet as part of this program. If you fail to follow instructions or violate the conditions specified by the judge in your case, your probation can be revoked. Probation violations are a serious matter which could leave you facing harsh consequences. Depending on the circumstances, the court has the right to impose the maximum penalties related to your charges.

Actions That can Result in Probation Violations

Community supervision, or probation in Texas, is administered through the Department of Criminal Justice-Community Justice Assistance Division (TDCJ-CJAD). The goal is to ensure those convicted of crimes are held accountable, while minimizing some of the impacts criminal penalties can result in for first time offenders and those convicted of minor charges.

Over 150,000 people are given probation each year in Texas. Depending on the situation and the crime involved, community supervision may include:

● Meeting with a probation officer regularly;

● Submitting to visits at your home, work, or school;

● Remaining enrolled in classes or gainfully employed;

● Remaining in the county where you face charges;

● Avoiding contact with certain crowds, known criminal offenders, or victims of your crime;

● Submitting to drug and alcohol testing or counseling;

● Refraining from any type of criminal activity.

Failing to perform any of these actions or otherwise not adhering to the requirements set forth by the court could result in a probation violation.

Penalties for Probation Violation in Texas

The penalties you could face for a probation violation in Austin vary depending on the type of violation and the original crime with which you were charged. Potential penalties you could be facing include:

● Additional fines and court costs related to your case;

● Additional terms of community service;

● Mandatory counseling or drug and alcohol education classes;

● Mandatory placement in a drug or alcohol treatment center;

● Community service requirements, which may be in addition to any your previously are required to perform;

● Immediate arrest and imposition of the maximum sentence associated with your charges.

Depending on your original charges under the Texas Penal Code, this could mean spending a significant time in jail or even facing the maximum prison sentence. In this situation, you need a strong and immediate criminal defense.

Get Our Austin Probation Violation Attorneys Fighting on Your Side

At Granger and Mueller PC, we take the actions needed to defend you against accusations of probation violations and the potentially harsh penalties that can result. We may be able to negotiate with the prosecuting attorney in your case while collecting important evidence to present before the judge. However, it is important to act fast in these situations. Call or contact our Travis County probation violation attorneys online to schedule a consultation today.

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