Criminal charges could result in a driver’s license suspension in Texas.

Criminal charges could result in a driver’s license suspension in Texas.

Criminal charges can have serious legal consequences, one of which may be an impact to your driving record. There are a number of different types of criminal charges , and there may be an administrative license revocation (ALR) in some instances that is completely separate from any criminal court proceedings.

Administrative License Revocation (ALR) Program in Texas

The ALR program in Texas will apply to individuals who have been arrested for boating while intoxicated (BWI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). This includes if you refuse to submit to a blood test or a breathalyzer following an arrest for BWI or DWI. Your license could be suspended from 90 days to up to two years. If you have a commercial license, it will result in an automatic one-year disqualification.

In some instances, you can request for a hearing in order to contest the suspension of your license. If you submit the necessary information within the required 15 days, the Texas Department of Public Safety will send a letter to whoever’s name is on the record. It will include information on the hearing, including date, time, and location. It could take up to 120 days to have it scheduled.

Controlled Substances or Drugs Arrests can Lead to License Suspension

Anyone who has a conviction for either a misdemeanor or a felony that involves drugs or controlled substances will face an automatic suspension of their driver’s license for up to 180 days. You may also be required to take a drug course. Failure to complete the required course could result in a longer suspension period.

Other Charges that can Result in Driver’s License Suspension

There are a number of other charges that can result in your driver’s license being suspended. These include:

  • Motor vehicle felonies

  • Providing alcohol to a minor

  • Racing

  • Evading arrest while using a vehicle

  • Criminal negligent homicide

  • Possession of a fictitious license plate, inspection stickers, or registration

Commercial License Holders May Have License Disqualified

Those holding a commercial driver’s license could have their license disqualified. The length of the disqualification will vary depending on the nature of the crime. An alcohol-related conviction could result in a three-year disqualification while using a vehicle to commit a felony could result in a lifetime ban of your commercial license. Given that someone with a commercial license relies on it to make a living, the legal consequences can be absolutely devastating.

Why You Need an Experienced Travis County Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a crime, it is important you speak to a skilled Austin criminal defense attorney right away. An experienced attorney can prepare the best defense for you and possibly get the charges reduced or dismissed entirely in some instances. This is key to reducing the risk that your driver’s license will be suspended.

To learn more about what types of charges carry a risk of driver’s license suspensions, contact Granger and Mueller PC at 512-474-9999 today to schedule a free consultation.

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