Several factors could impact your BAC level

Over the years and through your various outings with friends, you likely noticed that alcohol affects people differently. You may have seen a friend consume only a small amount of alcohol and act very unlike his or her usual self while also watching another individual consume drink after drink without showing the slightest sign of impairment. This type of scenario happens quite often as many different factors can impact how alcohol affects a person.

You may have found your alcohol-drinking limit early on as far as when to stop before you feel impaired. However, even if you do not feel as if the alcohol has affected you, your blood-alcohol concentration level could tell a different story. As a result, if you get behind the wheel and an officer pulls you over, you could still end up facing DUI charges.

Personal aspects and BAC

Because each person has different biological and developed characteristics to their body, alcohol can easily affect each person differently. Some factors that may impact how quickly a person's BAC level reaches the legal limit of .08 percent include:

  • Amount of alcohol in the drink
  • How quickly a person consumes multiple drinks
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Tolerance level
  • Emotions
  • Medications
  • Food consumed

These factors represent only a few that could impact how quickly a person becomes intoxicated and how quickly his or her BAC level reaches or exceeds the legal limit. Therefore, you may wish to remain aware of these and other aspects when it comes to your own alcohol consumption. Additionally, you may want to refrain from attempting to guess whether your BAC level has reached the legal limit as the inaccuracy of such guesses could land you in legal trouble.

If at any time you question whether you should get behind the wheel, it may prove safer for you and everyone else to simply request a ride from a sober friend or car service.

Dealing with DUI charges

If an officer does charge you with DUI, you have options for defending against the allegations and working toward an acceptable outcome to your case. Multiple aspects of the arrest and overall situation could play into your defense strategies, and determining your most available courses for moving forward could work in your best interests. To obtain reliable information relating to your case, you may wish to utilize local Texas legal resources.

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