Understanding the laws related to prescription drug use

The rules and laws concerning prescription drugs may be surprising for some Texans to learn. For those taking prescription drugs to control pain for an injury, it can be important for them to understand the laws related to prescription drugs and prescription drug use and how they can lead to drug crimes. Prescription drugs may be used legitimately for pain, but can be highly addictive.

In general, the use of prescription drugs is not illegal, but some prescription drugs, such as Vicodin,

Fentanyl, Morphine, Codeine and OxyContin, can be addictive, which may lead to them being misused. Legal problems that can arise related to prescription drugs when they are taken in large doses, used for a purpose other than what the drug was intended for, shared with someone else without a prescription or illegally obtained.

Individuals left facing illegal possession of prescription drugs or a similar charge need to understand that the charges they are facing serious criminal charges and how to respond to them using a strong criminal defense strategy. Prescription drug charges can lead to harsh penalties and consequences, so it is important to understand what the laws are and how to defend against criminal accusations, allegations and charges related to their use.

Prescription drugs are used by many individuals for effective pain management, but can be subject to misuse, which can lead to criminal charges. If that situation arises, it is important for an individual accused of misusing prescription drugs and prescription drug crimes to be familiar with their rights and criminal defense protections.

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