DWI conviction can jeopardize University of Texas education

Travis County residents have a lot of pride in the University of Texas (UT), and rightly so. It is an institution that has been in existence for over 130 years, and has a proud tradition of both academic and athletic excellence. Students at such a prestigious school are indeed lucky to have the opportunity to advance their knowledge and social skills. Of course, college isn't all about studying, however, and with many students being away from home for the first time, some may get themselves into difficult situations.

It is a truism that college life and alcohol go together. Unfortunately, when coupled with young people who may be less adept at impulse control and more susceptible to peer pressure, this often leads to DWI arrests. When a student is arrested for DWI, there are some considerations that should be taken into account. For example, this may well be the young person's first contact with the criminal justice system, and he or she may be scared and not know what to do to protect his or her rights.

Further, in most schools, conviction for a DWI crime can have consequences beyond those the legal system metes out. The University of Texas, for instance, has a code of conduct specifying that students are expected to abide by all federal state and local laws, and that the school can impose discipline if these laws are broken. This means that above and beyond criminal sanctions, students may have to deal with the ramifications of a conviction on campus as well.

What this means is that university students face especially high stakes when it comes to DWI cases, and may need to be particularly cognizant of protecting their legal rights. Whether by challenging the police and prosecution's evidence, such as field sobriety or breath tests, or by raising other defenses, hiring an experienced Travis County criminal defense attorney may be the right way to protect a young person's future.

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