Increase in hard drug busts near south Texas border

According to the border patrol, there has been an increase in drug busts and apprehensions near Texas' south border and trickling upwards through the state. There was a significant increase in the seizure of heroin and cocaine in the south Texas area within the last year, according to the US Customs and Border Patrol.

Although there appears to be more of these drugs flowing over the south Texas border, the number of apprehensions have declined in recent months. Apprehensions for drug crimes like drug possession and drug trafficking continue to occur. Most of the people accused of drug crimes are drug users themselves. Addiction is a powerful motivator and will compel those who suffer to do things they would not normally.

According to the US Customs and Border control, drugs are smuggled over the border using a variety of clever tactics. They can be hidden in the gas tanks of vehicles, in shipments of fruits and vegetables and even transported in a liquid state in water bottles or other unsuspecting containers. It's possible that a person traveling over the border could be transporting drugs and not even know it. Percentage wise, the South Texas Corridor (STC) has seen a 177% increase in heroin and 129% increase in cocaine busts in the area in and around Austin.

Those being charged with a drug crime likely have many questions about how this charge could affect their future. A conviction will have a greater impact than if the charge is dismissed. It is important to keep perspective and a positive outlook when news of a drug charge hits home. Telling their side of the story is part of the equation for many accused of such a crime.

Source:, "Border Patrol sees 'hard drug' increase along Texas border," May 12, 2017

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