DWI charge needn't result in the potential consequences

It is more common than one might think. You might be out with your friends, enjoying a drink at the local watering hole. Or how about out to dinner with you wife, enjoying a glass of wine with dinner. Even one or two drinks could put a person in a situation they would rather not be in.

That situation is being accused of DWI. Driving while intoxicated has been a hot topic in recent years as even more information has come to light in how dangerous it really is, and how it puts both driver and other people in danger. Stricter legislation has also been passed in recent years that penalized those convicted of DWI. It is important to understand that being charged with a crime, like DWI, does not automatically make one guilty of that crime.

Every person accused of a crime has their right to present their side of the story. Maybe there were circumstances that the police or other authorities were not aware of at the time a person was pulled over. Also, it's possible due process was not followed at the time of a person's arrest or DWI charge. Each situation is different and will require a specific approach to determine how to proceed after being charged with DWI.

At Granger and Mueller PC, we understand how being charged with DWI can potentially affect a person's life both in the present and in the years to come. Potential consequences of being charged with DWI do not have to become the outcome. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident, there could be a range of penalties one could face if convicted of DWI. Taking charge of the situation is the best approach to defending oneself.

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