Man charged with DWI after crashing into Austin condo

There is no doubt that being charged with a crime can greatly impact one's life. However, being charged with a crime is not the same as being convicted of a crime. Every person convicted of a crime has their opportunity to present their side of the story in court, if they wish.

A man was recently charged with a DWI after crashing into the side of an Austin condo. No one besides the driver was injured in the crash. According to reports, the vehicle left the roadway at the intersection of Scenic Drive and Lake Austin Boulevard and struck a condo just off the street after running a stop sign.

The crash pushed a parked vehicle into the side of the building, which authorities were worried may collapse when pulling out the lodged vehicle. According to a neighbor, speed has been an issue on the street on which the accident occurred. It wasn't released if a breathalyzer or BAC test was given to the accused prior to making the charge of DWI.

In some DWI cases, the driver is not involved in a crash with anyone else. Accidents involving others can bring more trouble for the accused. Whatever the cause behind a crash, it is imperative that those involved will need to prioritize their health and make sure that is stable before taking on anything else.

A conviction of DWI could have a large effect on a person's future. It could be costly, affect job and education opportunities and leave a mark on a permanent record.

Source:, "Suspected DWI driver crashes into west Austin condo," April 17, 2017

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