Fraud accusation can result in state, federal investigation

When a person thinks of a situation in which a person may be charged with a crime, most think of incidents like drug crimes and violent crimes. However, there are laws prohibiting certain types of financial crimes. Fraud is categorized as a white collar crime because it is often aimed at people who have never been charged with a previous crime.

The reality is that fraud can be just as a serious of a charge as a drug crime or a violent crime. The impact that a charge like fraud can have on a person's life can be life-altering. Consequences can include jail time, fines and the inability to continue to work in your field. Because of the potential consequences, those charged with fraud need to take the accusation seriously.

At Granger Mueller & Wood, we take fraud accusations seriously when it involves our clients. If the financial transaction took place over state lines, it is likely that the fraud charge can be attributed to a state investigation as well as a federal investigation. The possibility of both types of investigations can be very overwhelming for the accused and their family.

If you believe that a charge is erroneous, it is imperative to have it taken care of as quickly as possible. Even if dismissed, the fraud charge can still leave a mark on a person's reputation. For those who aren't sure where they stand, a full investigation can help to uncover evidence that may prove the accused's innocence. If one does not put up a fight to defend themselves, it could end in an unnecessary and unfavorable result.

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