DWI conviction can affect person's educational future

DWI's can have a lasting impact on your life. Oftentimes young people are charged with DWI after they are suspected of driving under the influence. Sometimes a person isn't even legal drinking age when they are charged with DWI or a DWI-related crime. For young people especially, a DWI conviction can have a lasting impact on their life.

For instance, a DWI conviction can affect one's educational opportunities. A college may pass or refute an offered scholarship once learning of a DWI conviction. Regardless of whether the scholarship is based on academics, merit or athletics these scholarships can be revoked or never offered once it is discovered that an applicant has been charged with DWI. This is on a case-by-case basis only, as every school will approach DWI conviction differently. Also, it isn't unheard of for schools to deny a student admission after learning of a DWI conviction.

However, there is hope. A DWI charge is not the same as a DWI conviction. It is entirely possible that a person charged with DWI be cleared of that crime once having their day in court. Simply being charged with a crime does not make one guilty. The potential consequences of DWI conviction can reach much further than educational opportunities, but this is one area it can really affect, especially for young people.

Damage control can be crucial in a situation in which a person has been charged with a DWI. At Granger and Mueller PC, we have been practicing damage control for those accused of crimes like DWI. It is best for a person to know what they are charged with and what they may be up against.

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