A look at drug crimes like trafficking and paraphernalia

Illicit drug use has been reported around the Austin area and beyond. While people may use illegal drugs for weeks, months or even years, there may not be legal ramifications until there is police intervention. This can happen if a police officer stops a person in their car, on the street or otherwise enters their home with a search warrant.

One term often associated with drug charges is the trafficking. It is a more serious crime than drug possession because although one has possession of illicit substances the difference is that the authorities believe you either were caught distributing or had the intent to distribute. There can be federal and state charges associated with drug trafficking.

The term paraphernalia is often associated with drug crimes as well. Possession of drug paraphernalia means that the accused is facing charges associated with objects or equipment used to prepare, inject, inhale, or conceal illegal drugs. Objects such as pipes, syringes and other devices may be found on a person or their property and culminate in a paraphernalia charge.

Anyone facing a drug trafficking or paraphernalia charge should consider how this could affect their future. In order for a drug trafficking charge to turn into a conviction, it must be proven that there was intent to sell. It may be possible to scrutinize the evidence to disprove intent to sell.

Every person accused of a crime has their day in court. This includes people accused of drug crimes in Austin. Whatever the circumstance, it is best to present your side of the story. This can ensure a true and just outcome is determined.

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