What should I expect when charged with first-time DWI?

When getting together with friends or going out to dinner, it is common to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two. The reality is that a couple of drinks or even one drink can mean that one's blood alcohol concentration rises above the legal limit for operating a vehicle. Unfortunately, this has led to some Austin residents being pulled over by authorities and charged with DWI. For many people facing a DWI charge, this is their first offense and they aren't sure what to expect.

This is completely understandable, the experience of being apprehended and charged by authorities can be dizzying for most. While most never meant anyone any harm, the reality is that DWI is a serious charge because intoxicated driving can have serious consequences. That is why there has been a crackdown on DWI offenders in recent years. Severity of potential consequences can vary, based on a variety of factors.

It is possible to petition the court to dismiss the charge if you believe they are mistaken or if there was an error made when charged by the Texas authorities. However, many DWI defendants may decide to request a plea deal or a minimized charge. Every situation is different and will require the appropriate action. The penalties associated with a DWI conviction may include jail time, license suspension or fines to name a few.

Just after being charged with DWI, it can be hard to know what to expect. As time passes, things will likely become more clear if initiative is taken to address the charges and the situation. It is not an idyllic scenario, but it is one many Austin residents may find themselves in. Being charged with DWI is more common than you may think.

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