Consequences Of A Felony Conviction In Texas

Any type of interaction with the police or the Texas legal system is a serious matter. The stakes become even higher if you are charged and convicted of a felony. Texas law allows for permanent restrictions on all convicted felons. This includes not just the sentence, but also consequences for future employment, educational opportunities and certain family law issues. There are many lifelong restrictions that will affect your future employment opportunities, as Texas statutes are in place that restrict convicted felons from pursuing careers in many occupations

Finding the right legal counsel to represent you can make a real difference in the time that you will serve, as well as the impact that the charges will have on your future. 

One of the largest increases in felony level charges in Texas stems from the opioid epidemic. Felony-level drug charges are definitely life-changing, but if handled correctly, their impact can be lessened. Good counsel can guide you through the Texas legal process and help to mitigate the consequences of a bad decision. From the discovery process, all the way through to the trial, having competent legal guidance on your side may help to lessen some of the stress and anxiety of the situation. 

Austin, TX residents know that our town is unique, and we all love living here. Do not allow one mistake to permanently damage your life and that of your family. Know your rights, and seek counsel from top-level professionals in order to minimize the future impact of one unfortunate decision. There are options available to those who have been accused of felony-level drug charges, and having someone in your corner who will fight to see that you are given the justice that you deserve can make a world of difference to you and your family.

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