36 charged with intent to distribute in Austin

Advancing technology has resulted in the expansion and creation of new drugs that are being utilized and consumed every day. In Austin, there has been a recent crackdown on new drugs, often called synthetic drugs or designer drugs. One of these drugs is called K2 and it mimics the effects of marijuana.

Three dozen have been arrested by Austin police in connection with K2. According to police reports, 36 have been charged with intent to distribute among other charges, with 10 to 15 people in police custody. This charge is a first-degree felony and can carry a maximum penalty potential of up to 99 years in prison, if convicted. Recent incidences, including poisoning by the drug, have been on the rise in the Austin area.

Some of the alleged perpetrators may have been under the impression that K2 was a drug not regulated by law. They would have been mistaken, as K2 has been listed as a controlled substance in recent years. Based on its classification, it is treated in many ways as a traditional street drug would be. The people facing these charges are likely worried about the effect such a charge could have on their future.

How much of a substance was found at the site can play an important role when an accused person decides to fight a case in court. Drug crimes have the potential to have a resounding impact on a person's future. Understanding the potential outcomes that may result after being charged with such a crime can help defendants prepare.

Source:, "Austin police charge three dozen people with intent to distribute K2 synthetic drug," Tony Cantu, March 7, 2017

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